Two Guys, One Booth

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Tuesday 2:00 pm 3:00 pm

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Nick & Andre present an eclectic selection of music, unconvincingly linked by a weekly theme. Join them and a mystery guest as they dive into music's quagmire; from Radio 1 to Radio 6, Ministry of Sound to Year 7 Disco, genre-defining genius to unadulterated trash... no song is safe. Tune in for big tunes, big guests and certifiably average chat.

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Two Guys, One Booth crew

Nick Wyatt, average bassist and human, is joined by co-host Andre Cronje, a man once described as ‘a clinical sociopath – but not even in a fun way’ (thanks gran!) as they host a radio show for the ages: if the age in question happened to be one predating radio. Just two mates with a […]

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