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The moment my mood shifts, or an event happens in my life, or yes, when I am in like or, god forbid, love with another person or a thing, I catalog songs into an inextricable order of listening. I tie them together by common phrases. Why do I create mixtapes for every indescribable mood? I wasn’t born with synesthesia, yet when I hear a certain song, certain words, they take me to a memory, a place, or a person. The worst is the person, and I see a face I was not necessarily ready to see. The songs we listen to invoke a certain sense of sentimentality in us, for other times and places. Isn’t that why you listen to music? No? Okay.

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Meital is a positive cynic doing her MSc in humanitarian emergencies at LSE. When not crying in the library, she can be found fixing bicycles in Deptford, taking photographs, and going to as many gigs in London as she possibly can.

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